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Business development in Kufstein

Kufstein offers an innovative support program for the positive management of inner city development

Economic and social developments are dynamic processes. In order to be able to react to the necessities and requirements of the economy in a goal and future-oriented way, a constant adaptation of the Kufstein economic mission statement is necessary in accordance with the following cornerstones.

The essential cornerstones

The city of Kufstein strives for economic growth.

The city of Kufstein strives to create and secure jobs and to increase the added value of existing jobs.

The city of Kufstein strives to create training and research capacities with the aim to enable intensive use by the economy.

The city of Kufstein strives for a balanced structure in basic urban functions, i.e. working, shopping and living.

The city of Kufstein is aware of its centrally located role as the district capital and strives for sustainable and increased cooperation with the surrounding communities.

The city of Kufstein is aware of its position as a so-called “bridge town” between the two dynamic economic areas of southern Germany and northern Italy, and fully supports the goals of European integration.

The city of Kufstein is aware of its historical development and cultural significance. It intends to take account of this by pursuing an intensive and modern tourism and economic policy.

The city of Kufstein wants to achieve all the aforementioned objectives while preserving nature and the environment in the best possible way and maintaining or increasing the quality of life of its residents while supporting families.

City marketing of Kufstein. The Economic Department is available as a competent contact to assist tourism and economic enterprises in the city and region or companies that are willing to settle in Kufstein when it comes to questions of economic development and project implementation.

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