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Kufstein writes its history

A city on the trail of its recent past

The pictures on this page show views of the city around the year 1900. Between then and the year 2000, 870,000 hours passed. Time in which a lot happened, naturally also in Kufstein. The project "Kufstein writes its history" therefore focuses on the 20th century. Much of what happened during this time is the basis for the present. At the same time, a look back over the past makes us aware of what makes the city what it is today. The aim of the project is to research, present and communicate this history. In order to achieve this, the following paths will be pursued by the end of 2021:

Participation of the Kufstein population

Participation of the Kufstein population

From one-on-one conversations to narrative cafés and articles in the local media - the people of Kufstein are able to participate in the “writing of history” in a variety of formats and to add their own references, sources, photographs, documents and items etc. to the story of the city. The interest in local history naturally did not begin with this project, and cooperation is also encourages, for example with the local history association or the film and video club Kufstein.

Edition Kufstein

Edition Kufstein

At the start of the project, a team of authors began research on specific topics concerning the city. The results of this work are published in a newly initiated publication series by the City of Kufstein, the “Edition Kufstein.” These works are aimed at readers who want background information and also at the specialist public.

Stadtbuch Kufstein: 1900 – 2000

Stadtbuch Kufstein: 1900 – 2000

City book Kufstein: 1900 - 2000
The city book will combine the two previously mentioned parts of the project and is aimed at the people of Kufstein so that they can learn more about the history of their city. The authors, editors, coordinators and designers will use the collected material to create a narrative of Kufstein in the 20th century. It will be divided into chapters for significant periods of time and accompanied by a wide range of artefacts from the past. A variety of points of reference will explore each period.

The project

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You have stories, pictures, hints or items of the 20th century in Kufstein? We are looking forward to hearing from you via E-Mail or let the citizen service know.

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