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Office for memories


Whether secret meeting places in their youth, leisure time at the fortress, spectacular trips across the border, romantic events, experiences related to construction of the motorway – in short the seemingly unimportant, everyday memories of social life were the focus of the project “Office for memories.” In September 2019, a desk went on a journey through the city, and at four stations the project team collected personal anecdotes from passers-by who had planned to come or spontaneously made time. The results are transcripts of personal conversations on location, copies of photos and documents they brought with them or memories they wrote themselves. In particular when it came to more well-known locations there were a lot of stories.

The places that were visited with the “Office for memories”

Lower town square (Sparkasse foyer)
Main topics: Leisure time in the fortress, housework/unpaid work, cooking/food, school memories

Kufstein Galleries
Main topics: First items/shopping, bans/commandments/youth, love and marriage stories,

Endach high-rise buildings
Main topics: Life in the high-rise buildings, stories of arrival

Home for the elderly, Zell
Main topics: (Unpaid) work, infrastructure, cityscape then and now

Coordination and concept: Melanie Haberl, Richard Schwarz
Documentation: Maria Kaindl, Manuel Dopsch, Jonas Pfurtscheller

Thanks to Sparkasse Kufstein for their support.

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