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K2go - the cups

The company Mahlwerck is a ceramic manufacturer with its headquarters in Kolbermoor, Bavaria, Germany. The ceramic cups are produced in the company factory in the Czech Republic, and the patented lids are made in Switzerland.
Environmental protection, sustainable production and the conservation of resources are primary objectives for the company Mahlwerck.
“When we looked at the topic of climate-neutral production last year, we realised quite quickly that each and every one of us has many opportunities to assume responsibility in our everyday lives,” say Heike Hampel-Rudolph and Tobias Köckert from Mahlwerck.

The cup – why porcelain?


In principle, everything that is reusable is good. But have you ever seen a pharmacist mixing their formulas in a plastic container? There are many good reasons for this! Porcelain and glass are among the hardest man-made materials and have been used for the production and storage of food for thousands of years.

Neue Aufzählung

  • Porcelain consists only of kaolin, feldspar and quartz.
  • The glaze is similar to glass.
  • Each image is fired into the porcelain glaze at 850°.
  • No dangerous additives are needed.
  • The glaze forms a closed surface.
  • Porcelain is absolutely taste-neutral.
  • Porcelain can be reused an almost infinite number of times.

The lid

Many materials, including silicone, expand when exposed to heat. The Mahlwerck 2Go lid, however, remains stable and keeps its shape. This means that the lid continues to seal tightly even when it comes into contact with hot drinks.

Neue Aufzählung

  • Made in Switzerland from plastic elastomer (no silicone!)
  • No toxic/damaging additives in the lid
  • Free from plasticisers (bisphenol A/phthalates)
  • Pleasant drinking experience (no silicone in the lid!)

Images from the production of the K2go cups

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