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Service für unsere Betriebe in Kufstein

Service für unsere Betriebe in Kufstein

Kufstein Merchants represents stakeholders in commerce and gastronomy in downtown Kufstein. The main aspect is a unified presence when it comes to politics and the market.

Joint advertising campaigns and events place member businesses front and centre when it comes to attracting attention. Advertising of the Kufstein location aims to develop more interest in the city and its surrounding areas. This leads to an increased level of attention for every single business in town.


Various campaigns show that Kufstein has a unique spectrum of services to offer and that a high level of service quality is important to us.


Kufstein Merchants is a partner for commercial and professional communication with city marketing.


Businesses in Kufstein want to cooperate not just compete, and this is what we stand for too.

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