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Network Kufstein merchants

Network Kufstein merchants

Regular gatherings, exchange of information and a uniform appearance: This is how the Kufstein merchants operate.

General assembly 2019

After 14 years, Markus Achorner stopped running for chairman and Nina Neuwirth was unanimously elected.

General assembly 2018

The Kufstein merchants meet on an annual basis to exchange information, discuss ideas and get updates from the board. In 2018, the assembly took place in the restaurant “die Schüssel.” No general assembly took place in 2020.

Networking event and company visits

The networking event took place at the company premises of Pirlo. The company was visited first, then the UCI bike world championship was discussed.

Networking event at Autowelt Unterberger

Autowelt Unterberger invited all members to visit in November 2018. The Unterberger group was presented in addition to facts concerning the shopping city Kufstein.

The change of retail

This study was analysed and evaluated the shopping city Kufstein with its surrounding villages. The study was financed by the Regional management KUUSK. An outlook was also given about how retail will look like in 2030?

Kufstein merchants visiting the Sparkasse Kufstein

Visiting interesting places was the title of this invitation. The Kufstein merchants visited the historic bank building. A relaxing evening with a lot of time and space for networking and discussions.

Night watchman tour

The DMO Kufsteinerland invited the merchants to explore their city. Almost 30 merchants took place and continued the networking event with drinks in the evening.

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